ID Requirements

Within 14 days of opening your account, and before making any withdrawals, your account must be verified by To verify your ID, we are required to confirm both your address and date of birth either by you providing us with ID copies, or by online verification from external national databases provided by Green ID.

Online Verification

When logged in to your account, you can click the 'Verify' tab within the my account section of the site. This will load the green ID portal and will enable you to verify your ID by providing some personal information. If you are able to be verified online, your account will be instantly verified, enabling you to withdraw funds and continue betting past the 14 day period.

Manual Verification

If you are unable to be verified online, we can verify you by sighting ID copies. We are required to verify your address and Date of Birth and require one document for each aspect of verification.

Photo and Date of Birth
  • A current licence or permit issued under Australian law, eg. Driver's licence
  • Passport
  • Public Service employee identification
  • A student identification card issued by an Australian educational institution
Address Verification
  • Utility account (eg. gas, water, electricity)
  • Bank Statement
  • Council Rates Notice
  • ATO Notice

Please email scans of these documents to [email protected]